White chicken chilli with cream. A simple recipe for chicken chilli packed with white beans, green chiles, jalapenos, and juicy, succulent bits of chicken. All of it in a rich, creamy broth.

I’m Serene from House of Yumm, and I’m here to share one of my family’s all-time favourite meals with you. Chili. At least once a week, chilli is in my menu plan. However, it’s alright because I manufacture a variety of them.

And that’s where this recipe is derived from! It is a parody of my traditional white chicken chilli, which has a broth basis. However, I decided to update after creating some additional creamy soups (like this fantastic and epically creamy Potato Soup!).

How to make Creamy White Chicken Chili:

Particularly if you already have chicken that has been shred available to you, this meal comes together quickly and easily. My preferred method for shredding chicken is to sear 2 pounds of chicken thighs. I always use boneless, skinless thighs to make it easier. You can also shred a rotisserie chicken.

After giving the chicken a short salt-and-pepper sear, I add a small amount of water to the pan, just enough to cover the chicken halfway up, and bring it to a simmer.

The remaining ingredients for the chilli are prepared by sautéing the onion and jalapeno in a little oil while adding the garlic for the final 30 seconds of cooking. After that, combine everything else with the exception of the sour cream.


Instant Pot chilli is filling and easy to cook. Everyone will enjoy piling their bowls with their favourite toppings because the electric pressure cooker develops wonderful flavours quickly.

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Best Instant Pot Chili

A tasty chilli is hard to refuse. I’m Natasha from Salt & Lavender, and I’ve got a warm recipe for you. Making chilli in an electric pressure cooker is so simple! The amount of preparation required is low, and you may multitask while the Instant Pot does its magic. Although this chilli is excellent right out of the pot, it is also fantastic frozen or prepared for meals. Simply divide it into parts to freeze, or use a larger container and defrost it overnight in the refrigerator.

How to Make Instant Pot Chili:

Sauté. Press the sauté button after adding the chopped onion and oil to your Instant Pot. 4 to 5 minutes of cooking.

The beef is browned. Add the ground beef and stir frequently until it is browned.

Seal it after adding the remaining components. The diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, beef broth, beans, chilli powder, smoked paprika, cumin, and cayenne pepper should all be stirred in after the garlic. Press the “manual” button, make sure the valve is in the “sealing” position, close the lid, and set the timer for 15 minutes.

Let go of the tension. After the countdown is complete, do a rapid pressure release or allow the pressure to naturally release (this will build more flavor). Serve the chilli with the selected toppings and additional salt and pepper as desired.