Crazy tender, melt-in-your-mouth meat and hearty vegetables are slow cooked to perfection in a creamy sauce for Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon. This dish is warming and ideal for the next chilly months!

During hearty, rich supper will keep you warm and satisfied this winter. Try this Tuscan Vegetables Chicken Stew, Skillet Pork Cacciatore, or Beef Stew with Bacon if you enjoy a nice stew.

Beef Bourguignon

This beef stew is THE BEST I’VE EVER HAD! This recipe is for you if you’re seeking for a hearty, flavorful, and cosy beef stew. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit since I’m so eager for this beef stew.

Who enjoys a hearty beef stew? Evidently, this lady. This has the most ridiculously tender meat within, along with filling vegetables, and the tastiest, most wonderful sauce! I absolutely adore beef stew, especially in the cooler months. It took me a few different recipes until I got it right.

What is Bourguignon?

The French dish Buruandy, which is known as Bourguignon in English, is the source of the name. While boeuf bourguignon is similar to beef stew, it uses a few different ingredients and has much more complex flavour.

The red wine in a traditional bourguignon dish cooks out, making it safe for youngsters to eat. This bourguignon recipe is robust and flavorful, and it is thick and substantial!

What You Need To Make Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Making this stew requires a few more steps, but I assure you that they are worthwhile. After the beef has been pan seared and the bacon has been cooked, everything is placed in a crockpot and left to cook.

cooked bacon that has been diced.

Chuck beef, boneless

Red cooking wine is used for flavouring and will cook out gradually.

Chicken broth is poured to the meat and veggies to provide flavour and moisture during cooking.

The tasty tomato sauce blends well with the meat and vegetables.

Soy sauce: adds a flavouring that is rich and just a bit sweet.

A soup thickening is flour.

Finely chopped, fragrant garlic cloves with a hint of spice flavour.

How to Make Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Cooking the bacon is the first step in making this stew. The beef is then pan seared in the bacon drippings. The next step to create crisp edges and soft interiors is pan searing. Additionally, it merely locks in flavour! The majority of delicious beef stews do contain red wine.

Fry the meats: In a large skillet, cook the bacon until crisp over medium-high heat. In the slow cooker, add bacon. The beef is added to the skillet, seasoned, and seared for two to three minutes on each side.

Add red wine to the skillet, scraping off any browned bits on the side as you do so. Whisk together sauces.

Add the other ingredients: Fill the slow cooker with the carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, garlic, and thyme.

Variations On Making Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

This beef bourguignon is regarded as one of the most flavorful and indulgent stews. It has robust, thick texture and rich flavours that intensify as it cooks.

When cooking bacon, be careful not to overcook it. Once it is added, the slow cooker will continue to cook it a bit longer.

The beef chuck should be browned in order to ensure a crisp exterior. This is a terrific technique to ensure that the meat in the soup cooks to perfection.

Red wine can be omitted, however doing so will take away from the soup’s richness and majority of its flavour.

Among mushrooms, crimini are my favourite. Compared to the white button, they have more flavour.

Storing Slow Cooker Beef Bourguignon

Making beef bourguignon in the slow cooker in advance is beneficial because the soup gets more flavorful the longer it sits. This tastes fantastic if prepared the previous evening and kept in the fridge.

Can slow-cooked beef bourguignon be frozen? You can, indeed! I prefer to store it in sealed freezer bags or freezer bags to preserve all the flavours. The night before I want to serve it, I take them out of the freezer and lay them flat to freeze.

Reheating slow cooker beef bourguignon is as easy as putting the food in the cooker and setting the temperature to low for 4 hours, or until heated through.